Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy Counselling Sextherapy

Rene a Globe offers Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy Counselling Sextherapy services since 1998. Hong Kong, Taipei (Taiwan), Reading (UK) and Shanghai (PRC).

Stress Reduction

To reduce stress and feel energetic, we need to understand the causes of stress and how to deal with stress. Internal factor: feel nervous, anxious, depress. disturbance of biological clock. External factor: family, friends, collogues, working environment.

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Smoke cessation

It is common to use hypnosis on smoke cessation. In the beginning, hypnotherapist search for the reasons behind clients' failure to quit smoke, analyze and remove negative psychological obstacles. Then, hypnotherapist helps clients with hypnosis.

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Clinical Psychotherapy and Counselling

Specializing in Brief, Solution-Oriented Approaches.
Individuals, Couples & Families
Personal Development and Life Coaching

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